​Adidas Rumble Wednesdays

I’ve always wanted to try Boxing. But it has always been a challenge for me to look for a women-friendly boxing gym.

With so many boxing gyms out there, of course you want a place clean (as much as possible), but most of all, safe. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.

That’s why I was thrilled as I could ever be, when I heard that Adidas Women Fitsquad was hosting a boxing event; a first in their #adidasWomenPowerSeries, at Flyweight Group Boxing Studio. I signed up in a heartbeat the moment I heard about it.

I attended the 6pm class last March 16, with my friend, Mica. We went to Flyweight straight from work. Flyweight is located at 2nd floor, Eight Forbes Town Road, Bonifacio Global City. The moment we got in, we were greeted by the friendly staff. Of course seeing the Adidas banner at the lobby just got us even more excited!

After registration we were instructed to go upstairs and leave our personal belongings in the lockers (if you’re wondering, locks are provided). When it comes to phones, we were advised that for safety, to just leave them in our lockers; but of course, for social media reasons, we were allowed to bring them in anyway. We changed into our workout outfits; and since I expected an intense workout, of course I had my Adidas Climachill on.

Then we immediately proceeded back to the lobby to have our hands wrapped. (This is when the idea that you’re gonna go boxing sinks in. And for a first timer, it’s awesome!) Very nice Adidas Staff and Flyweight Instructors started to wrap our hands and of other participants; as people started coming in. And while doing so, they briefed us on what to expect. They also provided us with some tips that would be helpful as a first timer; like use the knuckles of your index and middle finger when punching, don’t forget to breathe, and just have fun!

When the ongoing session in the studio ended, we were finally instructed to go get a pair of gloves and choose a bag inside the studio. Of course amidst the excitement, we were reminded to make sure we’re getting one right and one left glove. It sounds funny, but when people start running and grabbing stuff you sure don’t want to end up with two lefties!

All set, we got ready to rumble!

Inside the studio I was surprised to find, only I think, just around twelve to fifteen bags all in all. It was a small studio, very clean (very important), surrounded by mirrors. The lights were dim which added to the sophistication of the room.

Image by Alex De Leon via Facebook

Our instructor had us start with exercises with our gloves off, a couple of jabs at the bag just to get the hang of it. Soon after, we finally had to put on our gloves. It was nice that there were Flyweight staff around who would help you put on your gloves, or take them off; which was somewhat challenging. So imagine taking a selfie with those gloves! (No wonder they advised us to leave phones in the locker!)

So the drills we had involved boxing and then a mix of jumping jacks, lunges, shuffles, and squats in between (whew). Honestly, I thought we were just doing boxing, but what I got was an entire body workout! The boxing drills went like: jab, jab, cross, hook; which meant: right, right, left, and an uppercut with the right (depending on which one is your dominant hand). You could feel the adrenaline rising with every punch. But what really put everything together, was the music! You punch at the rhythm of the music; something you’d definitely never expect in a boxing studio.

As we went further with the workout, we started to move around the bag after each set. Somewhere in the middle of the workout when I could no longer catch my breath, I remember asking my friend, Mica, if she already hated me. She gave me that blank stare and just told me she’d rather not talk at the moment (we still are friends, don’t worry. Haha!). Personally, I found it easier keeping up with the punches than the exercises in between. But it was awesome as a whole!

Image by Mica Espiritu via Facebook

During cool down, yoga mats were provided. The class ran for a good span of 45 minutes.

I’ve never tried boxing before. And this experience from Adidas and Flyweight was far from what I expected. It was more fun than I ever imagined it would be! I remember during the final round, the instructor was yelling, “Finish strong! Give it your best shot!” And it was exhilarating! You feel strong, you feel empowered. And I guess that’s what made me want to try boxing in the first place. You not only want to be strong, but to feel strong; because it’s empowering.

Image by Mica Espiritu via Facebook

Would I do it again? In a heartbeat, yes! So you better keep yourself posted ‘cause a whole lot more of punches are coming my way! 🙂 It’s awesome and everyone should go try it too!


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