NTC Live Class: Endurance

When planning your workout, there are two groups of exercise you should know: Strength and Endurance. Strength exercises develop well, your strength; it’s the push and pull/resistance exercises (ie: push-ups, weights, planks). Endurance exercises are what we know as cardio exercises; they improve your heart and lungs which in turn, help you recover faster (ie: runs, indoor cycling, piloxing). You need both in your workout.

A lot of people are aware that Nike holds Community runs regularly; especially if you work around BGC or you just like hanging out at Bonifacio Highstreet after office hours, I’m sure you do. But not a lot of people know that they also hold free fitness classes thru the Nike Training Club (NTC). NTC offers Strength and Endurance classes; which I’ll be talking about one by one, in detail soon. But for now, we begin with NTC Live Class on Endurance.

Image by NTC Manila

Just to put it out there, the workout is a challenge, but getting a spot is a far greater challenge. You can register thru the the NTC app. For NTC Classes at least, everything gets booked in a snap. So if you want to get in, once registration opens, you better get those fingers ready and register fast, and I mean, fast. In 2 minutes all NTC classes will be fully booked and you’d get bumped off to a waitlist. (I always get a mini heart attack during registration).

In case you’re wondering, the NTC app is a training app equipped to give you a workout plan based on your stats, your level of activity, and your available equipment.

NTC Endurance Classes are held every Saturday 10am at Kerry Sports, Taguig. It’s a one hour class. Registration starts at 9:30am so it’s best to come early. Upon registration you may deposit your bag and will be given an NTC tag to claim it later.

Our trainer was Trish Ayson. She’s very friendly and she never fails to keep a smile on her face. But whenever she blew her whistle, it was go time!

Image by NTC Manila

She had us group ourselves into five, then asked each group to form a line at one side of the studio (kinda reminded me of gym class all over again). We started with a couple of drills like: A Skips, side lunges, high knees, butt kicks and runs. We did each exercise one by one per group, starting at one end of the studio crossing to the other end. She blew her whistle to signal the next person’s turn, until the entire group has completed the exercise.

Image by NTC Manila

After this we had partners. This is the part you get to meet a new friend in class. I met Charm, apparently I found out we went to the same high school; which was pretty interesting. As I say, you’ll never know who you’d meet in class!

After finding a partner, we were instructed to get a pair of Resistance Bands, Dumbells, and a Medball. 

Image by NTC Manila

We started off doing a stationary lunge, with resistance bands strapped right above our knees, pulling up a dumbbell towards our obliques; 10 reps for each side. The resistance band is used to add tension to your muscles; and yes, it makes things more challenging.

Image by NTC Manila

For the next part, we had to work together with our partner. The first person did high knees, while the other did a squat hold. The goal is to touch your partner’s hands while doing high knees. So it’s either, keep those knees high or keep that squat low. You gotta work together to balance it out and make it work! After 20 reps of high knees this is followed by 20 reps of quick feet in and out. Then switch!

Image by NTC Manila

Next up were dumbbell squats with resistance bands.

Image by NTC Manila

Then we get down on the floor and did some Russian Twists. That’s positioning yourself in a V position with your legs up in the air, then twisting your body from side to side while touching the Medball to the ground at each side. After 10 reps you pass the Medball to your partner and it’s her turn. We did this for a minute.

Image by NTC Manila

And finally, recovery. Of course when Trish said recovery I quickly pictured doing inhale and exhale exercises and stretching. But when she had all of us form one big circle at the center of the room, we did 30 seconds of High Plank to Low Planks and 10 reps of Burpees instead. (whew!)

Image by NTC Manila

But following that, we stretched to recover (oh, sweet sweet stretching!).

Image by NTC Manila

On our way out, we had our NTC cards stamped. The NTC card is a rewards card. You earn a stamp after each NTC class (Nike runs are not included). Earn stamps and get exclusive Nike rewards! If it’s your first time to attend the class, you can ask for one.

Image by NTC Manila

If you’re one trying to look for a great community to workout with, the Nike Community is a perfect place to get to know new people and try out new things. Everyone in the team is approachable. Trish even encourages us to ask if we have questions regarding our workout.

So either you’re scared in case you can’t keep up somewhere in the middle, or you’re a beginner who’s new to all these exercises, don’t worry because spotters are available to help you out; or better, the trainer will personally get to you and teach you how to do it. It’s a beginner friendly class so you can never go wrong with this one.

Image by NTC Manila

But the best part had to be the energy. It’s not only the NTC team, but everyone in the class. The optimism of everybody is contagious and it’s not even hard to get three high fives in a row; I’m telling you, they love giving high fives. And it’s an awesome confidence booster!

Image by NTC Manila

Go ahead, give it a try and cheer with the team: #Speed ! 🙂


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