Adidas Warp Knit Launch + Free Flow

Adidas opened the month with the launch of their new Warp Knit Collection last June 1, 2017 at Whitespace Manila. The collection included Tights, Tees, and Sports Bras. The Warp Knit apparel, with its seamless design, provides comfort and allows a lot of room for motion during your toughest workouts. Its innovative knitting also keeps you cool and dry. And did I mention that they look really stylish? You wouldn’t want to change after your workout!


And to showcase the features of their new collection, what better way of doing it than putting it to the test during a Free Flow Workout Event?

Movement Artist, Aerialist, and Adidas Brand Ambassador, Kayleen Ortiz, hosted the event. (For more of Kayleen, see:

Free Flow focuses on functional movement of the entire body. Some of the moves included lunges, stretchings, splits, and mostly, squats. Kayleen had us all moving throughout the entire workout session. Just 15 minutes in and we’re all pumped up!

Free Flow exercises help you discover what your body can do and it allows you to test its limits.

During rest periods, she had us hold a squat.

Some celebrities like: Maricel Laxa, Jaymie Pizarro and Michele Gumabao were also in attendance during the event.

Image by @jaymiepizarro via Instagram

For recovery, Kayleen asked us to lie down on our mats and clear our minds; something I found very relaxing.

And after an hour of workout, just when we thought we were about to call it a day, Kayleen invited us to try out something she’s really passionate about: aerial silks. She individually assisted everyone brave enough to try it out. And of course I won’t pass out the chance to try it! 

If you want to discover Free Flow in a whole new level, aerial silks allows range of motion like you’ve never known before. And what’s uniquely awesome about it, is that you get to do it flying!

The Warp Knit Free Flow Workout Event by #adidasPowerWomen was definitely a fun and perfect fix to start the month!

Insider Tip: Adidas Event invites are ones you should learn never to turn down. Every one is an experience you won’t want to miss! 

(Sometimes, Adidas brand ambassadors hold instagram challenges with a prize to win a slot to the event. So better watch out for the next one! You may also want to lookup #MightyFitYear to find out what I’m talking about 🙂 )


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