Stellar Circus Dreams

Each year, Polecats Manila ( showcase their students’ talents onstage with their annual dance class recital called, Stellar. But aside from the jaw dropping  dance numbers, what makes Stellar even more special is the show’s theme each year. This year, Polecats Manila brought us into a world of whimsy and madness, with Stellar Circus Dreams.

Image by Lea Valenzuela

Each performance was composed of a group of students from each class level; from Pole Beginners 1 to the  Intermediate class, including Aerial Hoop and Silks.

From puppets to fortunetellers, to ring leaders; just like a circus, the variety was endless and every bit, amusing.

But more than the costumes, the hair and the makeup; the true magic was in the talent onstage. Each class showed off their tricks on the pole, hoop, and silks; and each one will leave you amazed.

Watching the students perform on stage, you’ll find how the voice to break stereotypes with pole dancing is stronger than ever. It’s both amazing and powerful. Aside from breaking the common stereotype of sultry dancing, they also prove that pole can no longer be labelled for women — or more specifically, skinny women. Rather, it’s for everyone: Women and Men. All shapes and sizes (and this also goes for aerial silks and hoop). You also learn to appreciate how each student is unique. How each body type has its own strength and how each one is beautiful at it’s own right. But above all, you’ll find the confidence and courage of each one, both amazing and encouraging. ❤


The audience also witnessed an incredible dance number by the Sexbomb.

But the night wouldn’t be complete without a performance by the team behind Stellar Circus Dreams.

Closing the show, the faculty of Polecats Manila took us in a world of pure imagination; as they gave a knockout performance leaving everyone at the edge of their seats. With Pole doubles and hoop performances on each side, Silks doubles at the center, and dancers on floor; all you could do was sit, hold your breath, take everything in and let your eyes be filled with wonder. It was a circus show finale like no other.


Stellar Circus Dreams was truly a marvelous show and the best one yet. So if you haven’t seen a Stellar show yourself, better watch out for the next one because it’s definitely worth the watch from start to finish!

Image by Lea Valenzuela


CIRCUS DREAMS: A Stellar Show is presented by @dove, Dove Men+Care, Meralco Theater. It is also co-presented by Busy Bee Fashion @sleepyhead_3, with Major Sponsors Circulan and Lungcaire. Official Partners of the event are @belo_essentials BB Cream, @bayanibrew, CarbTrim, @misterdonut_ph, @jacknjillcalbee, Calcheese, @kopiko78, @kopikophilippines, Le Minerale, @milophilippines NutriUp, Energen, and Fres Candy.


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