Test Run: Adidas Ultraboost X Review

If you love running as much as I do, you know that every runner needs one thing to get to the finish line in one piece — a good pair of running shoes. Believe it or not, your shoes contribute to your performance. May it be in sports, dance, or running, there’s a perfect pair that were made to match your activity.

Today, I’ll be reviewing Adidas Ultraboost X. Since I got my pair, most of my friends ask me if it’s worth the buck. So I decided to make a quick review for everyone; just in case you’re also in the middle of a dilemma whether to get your own pair, or maybe you’re one who is currently on a hunt for the perfect pair of running shoes. And as you all know, rubber shoes come as a huge investment. And so the question, is Ultraboost X worth it?

So putting this pair on a test run, these are my thoughts:


1. They’re Lightweight.

When you run, you want to be as quick and light as possible. And Adidas Ultraboost X offers just that. You don’t feel a thing during the run. Yes, it’s that light! Each step is a breeze allowing you optimal movement.

2. They’re Breathable.

The Primeknit technology of Ultraboost X allows the shoe to be breathable. Unlike most rubber shoes that look good at the outside but kill your feet at the end of the day, Primeknit technology allows air to pass through the fibers of the shoe allowing your feet to breath at all times.

3. They’re Durable and Stable.

Don’t let looks deceive you. As lightweight as they seem, you’ll be surprised how durable the shoe actually is. I do 5K runs with these babies and they still look brand new. And not only that, Adidas has something called: Torsion System® technology between the heel and the forefoot, which gives you stability in the track. This allows each step to be stable in wet and dry surfaces. So if you’re anxious to use them on your next race, after all you’ve invested alot on this pair, don’t worry about ruining them; they were made for running. So go ahead, run.

4. They’re Comfortable.

No pinchy feeling on your ankles or toes! You don’t even need to adjust your socks to cover up the back of your heel while you’re in the middle of the race. Ultraboost X is designed with an adaptive arch that gives optimum support to the foot and allows adaptive movement.

5. They Look Good.

Of course everyone wants to look good! And this pair has a modern design that will surely pull your workout look together. You wouldn’t want to take them off even when it’s time to head home. And yes, they also look cute when paired with a skirt or a pair of shorts post workout (or on regular days).


1. Outdoor Only.

I tried using them indoors, specifically inside the studio (Hey, they’re really comfortable. It’s worth a try.); but it was a bad idea. They’re definitely for outdoors and not for studio flooring. So I guess this one’s on me. Haha! I was slipping most of the time during workout and had to take them off every so often. As I said, there’s a shoe designed for every activity. This one’s definitely for the outdoors!

2. It’s an Investment.

Yes, it’s true. They’re pricey. If you’re looking for affordable running shoes, this definitely ain’t the pair for you. This one goes as an investment. But basing it on quality, it will be worth it. I’ve tried other brands of running shoes that are less expensive, but this one’s the best I’ve tried. Hands down, yes.


Overall, I would definitely recommend Adidas Ultraboost X to y’all runners out there! It’s the best running shoes I’ve tried. Something you have to save up for, but definitely worth it to get your best run yet!


My favorite features: Lightweight and Comfortable.

For complete features of Adidas Ultraboost X, do check them out here: http://shop.adidas.com.ph/ultraboost-x-shoes-cdc45.html?a=214_75034

Race you to the finish line!

Little Fit Bella


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