New Adventure Ahead: Vlogging!!!

I got an invitation to the first ever Beauty Vlogging Workshop by Sample Room at Green Sun Hotel Makati, and I can’t wait to share with all of you about it!

Stepping into the venue, I found myself immersed into a whole new digital world. I’ve never made a vlog before; although I’ve always been a fan of a number of makeup vlogs. And I’d be lying if I said I’ve never entertained the idea of starting my own. But I always had no idea where or how to begin. I mean, what do I even talk about?

Since I recently decided to (finally) embrace this thriving world of social media, honestly, I still find everything a bit new. I mean, I still am in the process of getting used to putting my life out there; starting my own blog and being the last person on earth to finally put up an Instagram account (Follow me:—and now we’re here talking about vlogging!

I always found the idea a bit overwhelming. But after taking this workshop, and after hearing stories from some of the most successful vloggers, I found the idea even more inviting. Not to mention, I also enjoyed all the pop-up booths of the sponsors in the venue. It was a smorgasbord of inspiration at every corner!


Here’s my list of best advise I got from the workshop:

  1. Do what you’re passionate about. (Don’t be afraid to talk about the things you love.)
  2. Be Yourself. (Own your personality.)
  3. Don’t let haters let you down. (Haters are secret followers.)
  4. Always bring a camera. (You’ll never know when there will be a moment worth capturing!)


Now if you’ve been planning to start a vlog of your own too, but are worried about the budget for all those products you plan to feature, then hey, good news for you! Beacuse you can actually avail products from Sample Room for free; all you gotta do is just pay for shipping fee! Come visit them at:


Now to go straight to the drawing board and make things happen!
Also, am so giddy about the bag of goodies from Sample Room. Will be making a review on the products soon, so I hope you watch out for my next post! ❤


Thankful for all the sponsors of this event:







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