What’s Good Inside the Goodie Bag?

So today I decided to take a break from my usual fitness posts to talk about beauty products inside the goodie bag I got from the recent Vlogging Workshop by Sample Room. (Don’t worry though, I’ll be posting more about my fitness adventures next week! So watch out for that!)


So why talk about beauty all of the sudden, you ask? Well, I think beauty fits perfectly in the world of health. Part of taking care of your body is taking care of your skin and your face. I mean hey, how awesome it is to sweat and still have glowing skin, right?

So looking inside the goodie bag, I got all giddy finding a lot of good stuff! And now I’m sharing with you my favorites:



1. HAPPY SKIN Shut Up & Kiss Me Lip & Cheek Mousse (Shade: Swept Off My Feet)

If I had one item I was most excited about, it was definitely this one! Because I just LOVE Happy Skin! Not only is it cruelty free (which is most important for me when shopping for cosmetics), but it’s actually a Filipino brand. But maybe you guys already know that. So looking into the product, what’s interesting about it is that it’s in mousse form, both for your lips and cheeks. I’ve tried mousse as blush but never on my lips. So this was quite different for me.


-Long-lasting on cheeks. It stays on for hours without needing a retouch.

-The color is rich. You don’t have to put on much. (Which saves you money.)

-It’s super easy to blend.

-Has Shea Butter and Collagen giving that soft texture that I’m totally in love with!


-If it’s your first time using the product, it takes some getting used to when evening it out on both cheeks. So better read the instructions if it’s your first time to use this product.

-Unlike tints, it doesn’t last long on your lips.


2. BELO Intensive Whitening Bar

This intensive whitening bar deeply nourishes dull and dry skin. It has these active ingredients: Kojic Acid (prevents melanin production), Tranexamic Acid (for stubborn dark spots), and Glycerin (a powerful moisturizing agent).


-Mild to the skin. Leaving it soft and fresh after every wash.

-It has a lovely scent.

-Moisturizes your skin.

-May be used for both your face and body.


-It’s a small bar. So if you plan to use it on both your face and body, this little baby might not last long.


3. BELO BB Body Cream

Yes. It’s a spray. Making it very convenient when you’re in a rush. It’s specifically made for your arms and legs so you look spotless when you want to flaunt those gorgeous gams!


-I mean it was specifically made for your arms and legs. How cool is that?

-Blends well with skin.

-Gives you the perfect glow.

-Light weight. Not sticky.


-Leaves a dewy feel on your skin. I’m not sure if this is actually a CON. Maybe it’s just me, but if you’re one who isn’t comfortable having your skin all dewy amidst a hot weather, then maybe you wouldn’t enjoy this one. (Or maybe I should just moisturize more so I’d get used to it. Haha!)



4. POND’S Flawless White BB+

From day creams to cleansers, Pond’s never fails to give you that vibrant glow with their line of products.  It’s my first time, however, to use their BB cream. And I was curious to give this one a try.


-Blends easily.


-Mild to the skin.


-Gives light coverage.


5. SAMPLE ROOM Lotion (Green Tea)

They’re very handy! And they’re currently my favorite hand moisturizer. It comes in a cute pump; making it very convenient for travel and everyday use. One you can keep on your purse or bag anytime, anywhere!


-Convenient. No fuss. No mess. Meaning— no accidents in your purse!

-Perfect moisturizer.


-Can’t think of one!


6. SAMPLE ROOM Body Wash (Green Tea)

Sample Room also offers their own Body Wash! And I am IN LOVE with the scent! It also comes in a small pump which I definitely plan to bring on my next travel!


-It has a minty fresh scent.



-Hopefully this one comes in bigger sizes because I’d love to stock up!


7. DENTISTE’ Plus White Toothpaste

“I have bad breath in the morning.” Well at least Cady Heron, from Mean Girls, is straight up honest! And that’s just what Dentiste’ is all about. It’s a nightime herbapeutic toothpaste that offers teeth and gum protection.


-Complete night-time protection.

-Confident morning breath.

-Natural Herbapeutic extracts


-Not much foam on this one if you’re into that!



I loved all the products in the goodie bag! Hope you guys enjoyed learning more about these beauty products from Sample Room as much as I did!

In case you’ve become curious about any of the products after reading, and you’d like to give them a try, you can get some samples from Sample Room. You don’t have to pay full price to try the products. Actually, all you have to do is pay for shipping fee! Yes, I know, amazing right!?! You can check out how it works by visiting them: http://www.sampleroom.ph/how-it-works

Hope you enjoyed this one! ❤


Little Fit Bella


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