My First with Elev8 Lagree Fitness

Finally! Another workout with  Adidas Women Fitsquad. I think I’ve already lost track of how long it has been since the last sweat session with the fitsquad. And I can’t wait to get started when the next one was scheduled.

This time around, AdidasPH takes the squad to Elev8 Lagree Fitness Studio. If you haven’t heard about the place, so did I; and I even got a bit lost trying to find the place. But to save you some time, the studio is located at the 9th flr of Ocre Center Building, BGC. As a point of reference, since the building is kinda new, it’s along the corner of Track 30th and 9th Ave. Elev8 is the first to offer Lagree Fitness classes in the Philippines.


I’ve first heard about Lagree Fitness after much binge watching on E! on my rest days. So please don’t judge me if my first reaction after hearing that AdidasPH was holding a Lagree Fitness class was, “Oh, wow! Just like the Kardashians!”

And just like that, I knew I wanted to try this one.

Lagree Fitness is a training that focuses on strength, endurance, core, cardio, flexibility, and balance.

It makes use of a machine called the M3S Megaformer; which consist of a “carriage” with marked numbers to guide you on your position (where to position your feet/knees), and a couple of suspension straps and C-bars. The weight/resistance of the carriage may also be adjusted using color coded knobs to a level that suits you, depending on the exercise. What’s interesting with this machine is that everything attached to it is functional and will be useful for your workout. It’s so dynamic that it offers endless possibilities in your workout.

We were a  small class of 10. First, we were instructed how the machine operates since most of us were first timers. After that, it was Go time. The energy was high during the entire workout, since the moment it started. The instructor guided us on both our position on the machine (using the numbers on the carriage) and the specific range of motion required for each exercise. Each exercise was 15secs long, and then we immediately moved to the next one.

The workout focused on our legs, core, and biceps. The workout also tested our mobility and balance. It was both fun and excruciating. Most especially during the pulses! I remember my legs shaking when we got close to the finish.

But to be in a room full of women packed with so much positive energy, you’re motivated to just keep going and going. No rest periods on this one, so nothing’s slowing us down!

Lagree Fitness is your ultimate full body workout. You’ll surely feel all your muscles warm after. And I assure you that the next day, everything will be sore — for days!


Things to Know Before the Workout:

•To book a class you’ll have to visit their website and create an account (check on their first timer’s promo):

•The class is 45 minutes long.

•Grip Socks is a MUST. (no grip socks no workout — although you may purchase a pair at their studio.)

•There’s only one shower area. So if you plan to shower after, you’ll have to wait for your turn.

•Towels and lockers are available.

•Bring a water bottle and a towel because you’ll sweat—A LOT!


‘Til my next adventure! 😀


Little Fit Bella


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