My Stellar Story: Photoshoot BTS!!!

#MyStellarStory: Week 4

We just finished our Stellar photoshoot! We were photographed by the amazing @adeleraya (come visit her page and check out her work). Honestly guys, since #MyStellarStory has begun, everything that followed was nothing like what I imagined. I’m suddenly taken on this ride where all the stops are new and interesting. After years of watching in the audience, it sure is a different experience to be a student preparing for a performance onstage. And the entire process is part of the Stellar experience.

As you all know, this year’s theme is the Beatles. We will be performing to the songs of these rock n’ roll legends who have made history by topping billboard charts through decades, and who’s iconic songs still live on until today. The idea was that each class would be performing their own Beatles song, and each one, with an original concept for their performance.

For my first Stellar, I’ve decided to perform for 2 numbers! I know. I’m excited!!! For our Aerial Silks class, our song was Eleanor Rigby. If you haven’t heard of the song yet, you should look it up! You will then understand why our peg for our photoshoot was glamorous widows. I joined this class on the last minute. So I didn’t have any idea what our song was until I got there. So when teacher @dudsignacio told us to come in our best glam look of black dresses and fascinators, I was unsure what we were going for. But when the music played as we entered the studio, I couldn’t stop laughing inside. But I had to hold it in because as you can see in the picture below, Father McKenzie was leading a funeral and I had to keep a straight face (Lol). And I have to say. It was the most glamorous funeral at the studio that day.


For our Pole Beginners 1 Class, we will be performing to a mash-up of Hey Jude and Helted Skelter (I love the combination of these two songs). For our photoshoot we went for something more artistic. We even got to be creative with our costumes! This part I enjoyed a lot! For a top, over our sports bra, we wore a cut out pantyhose. Yes. A pantyhose. Who could’ve known? But it’s true. Teacher @victoriavelasco thought us how to DIY our costumes for the shoot. And it looked really chic in the end (check it out below). So yes, to pantyhose! We also had gems on our faces so we looked really sparkly and pretty.


When I first heard we were going to have a photoshoot, I was excited but a bit unsure if we would possibly get good photos. I mean, we’re beginners (at least for our pole class). It’s all our first Stellar. But I was surprised that all the teachers were very hands-on during the entire process. All teachers for all levels.

Each class was given 15 minutes for the shoot. Yes, it was that quick. We had a posted schedule for each class for the entire day’s shoot. All we had to do was show up on our schedule. And it was amazingly quick; but enough to get all the shots we needed. Each teacher directed their class exactly what to do — like down to the last detail. Every pose, blocking, facial expression — everything. And even helping with our makeup sometimes. So in short, the teachers got their students covered during the entire shoot.

I really enjoyed the photoshoot. It’s not everyday that you get a chance to be photographed by someone like Adele. And in the same time, be surrounded by a community who share your passion — every bit of it. My heart is full. And it is just amazing to realize that we are just getting started. Practice has already begun; and it has been so much fun so far! But I’ll be saving that for a different post.

But here are a few BTS shots from our photoshoot. Go ahead and check them out! Don’t forget to shars with me your thoughts. Which was your favorite? I’m interested to know. Now I can’t wait until the official photos come out!


I’m enjoying every bit of this ride. Thank you for keeping me company. If you wish to follow #MyStellarStory and my #RoadToStellar, and find out what happens next to a non-dancing girl’s dream to dance onstage, then make sure to stay tuned! You can also look up these hashtags on social media, and see other similar stories from my fellow pole kittens.

So come see us onstage! Stellar Across the Universe will be on July 21 at the Meralco Theater. For tickets visit



See you there!❤


Little Fit Bella


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