My Stellar Story: Stellar Shirt Cut Out Design DIY

#MyStellarStory Week 7


Each Stellar year, each student is given their own Stellar shirt. And this year, was the first time I earned my own shirt as a performer. One of the traditions of Stellar is when students personalize their shirts, adding their personal flair to it through cut out designs. Through the years, we’ve seen countless ways how students have become creative in customizing their shirts. And since the shirt sizes uniquely come only in Large and XL, the possibilities are limitless. Here’s a photo of my cut out shirt:


But whether you’re joining Stellar or not, I figured anybody could join in the fun by customizing your shirt! The process of making it is really fun. So whether it’s a Stellar shirt or not, if you’re interested in getting creative with it but have no idea where to start, here are some easy steps that will help you get started:


1. Look for the Perfect Shirt.

Choose any shirt that you would like to cut out. In case you’re still experimenting, you can practice with any old shirt. Depending on the look you’re going for, choose a shirt with the appropriate size.


2. Think of a Design.

The design is basically at the back of the shirt. So my advise is to think of something sleek. Although, you don’t need to limit it to the back. Get crazy. Make cut outs in front or on the sleeves (if you prefer not cutting the sleeves off). It does not need to be a complicated design. Sometimes the simpler the design, the sleeker it will look. If you’re not working on a plain shirt (just like Stellar), think of a design that goes around the prints on the shirt. No idea about the design? Don’t worry. There’s no shame in that. There are tons of ideas in the internet. But if you want to be original, go ahead and start sketching!


3. Cut Off the Sleeves.

The first step I normally do is to cut off the sleeves. But in case you prefer not to cut them out, then just skip this step. It’s up to you how deep you wish to cut it. If it’s a large shirt, you might want to fit it first if you have a preference how deep the armhole will be once you cut it off. Measuring out is one way of making sure, but not necessary. Also, if the shirt has some print on it, watch out from cutting through them.


4. Transfer the Design to the Shirt.

You got you’re design and the sleeves are off. It’s time to draw the design on your shirt using a bright colored pencil. If you have some tailor’s chalk at home that would be better to get clearer lines. Just a tip: in case your design has lots of lines in it, keep in mind that after cutting, the fabric will curl in. So you might want to adjust how thick your lines will be. I prefer making them thicker because it’s also easier to cut that way.


5. Cut.

All you need is a sharp pair of scissors and you’re ready to start cutting! Juat follow those lines and cut, cut, cut.

Here are some photos of the designs of other pole kittens through the years. Don’t forget to hit me in the comments which one is your favorite!

So in case you’re watching Stellar: Across the Universe on July 21, don’t forget to be on the look out for students wearing their Stellar shirts and check out their original cut out designs!

What do you think? Ready to do cut out your own design?


Stellar: Across the Universe | July 21 | Meralco Theater | Tickets:



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