I’m not the weight conscious type.

But my fitness journey started after my sister got married and moved out.

Staring at an empty room, my eye caught sight of her closet.

Right away, I knew I hit the jackpot!

I started fitting dress after dress (got rid of those that would never ever fit me no matter how hard I tried). But most of them fit me wonderfully; except I noticed one particular area… that tummy!

So then I had a goal. And the goal was simple. Get rid of the tummy!

If you think this blog is about a weight loss journey; not exactly, but rather, more of a fitness discovery.

What started as merely trying to lose belly fat and looking awesome in all those dresses; after trying different workout classes for the past couple of months, I found myself falling in love with the adrenaline and finding out what my body can do.

Fitness is more than the weight loss. It’s a journey of understanding your body and knowing what’s best for it; and of course, keeping yourself healthy.

Lately, I get a lot of questions about what workouts I do, which one’s I’ve tried, which one’s I love, or which program I actually stick to. So in this blog, I’ll simply be sharing my adventures and new discoveries as I get on with this journey.

I don’t have the perfect body, nor am I any expert (heck, no). But through my stories, I hope to inspire others to have the curiosity to discover your own body’s power and weakness; and even more so, to inspire you to start your own fitness journey!

I just got started, but I’m totally ready to pack a punch, and go wherever this adventure takes me. So let’s do this!