I am a registered nurse, events host, fitness junkie, and all around fit bella. What started out as a blog to get rid of my tummy fat, turned into a platform to document my entire journey through fitness, and all the things that I have discovered along the way.

Eventually, my goal became more than just looking nice in all the dresses I’ve always wanted to wear. After trying different classes during my first couple of months into working out, I found myself falling in love with the adrenaline and discovering for myself what my body can do. Fitness has become more than just weight loss for me. It’s a journey of understanding your body and knowing what’s best for it; and of course, keeping yourself healthy.

This blog is my way of giving back.  I’ll be sharing all my adventures and new discoveries as I continue on in this journey.

I don’t have the perfect body (no one does), nor am I any expert (heck, no). But through my stories, I hope to inspire others to have the curiosity to discover your own body’s true power, and even more so, to inspire you to start your own fitness journey too.

I’m ready to go wherever this adventure takes me! 🙂


Little Fit Bella