Adidas Warp Knit Launch + Free Flow

Free Flow focuses on functional movement of the entire body. Some of the moves included lunges, stretchings, splits, and mostly, squats. Kayleen had us all moving throughout the entire workout session. … More Adidas Warp Knit Launch + Free Flow


7 Quick Tips for Starters

A lot of friends ask me how I got started. And questions like: “How do you keep up?” “What if you can’t?” “Is it difficult?” “What do you wear?” “How do you commit?” And I figured I had the same bunch of questions too when I started out. … More 7 Quick Tips for Starters

​Adidas Rumble Wednesdays

I’ve always wanted to try Boxing. But it has always been a challenge for me to look for a women-friendly boxing gym. With so many boxing gyms out there, of course you want a place clean (as much as possible), but most of all, safe. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.